Sunday, 17 August 2014

Solo play in MMORPGs

Solo play in MMORPGsAs most MMORPG players know, MMORPGs are designed mostly around teamwork. This is evident from the features that are nearly guaranteed to be in nearly every MMORPG such as the guild system, party system, couple system, dungeons and other more specific and unique features that require more than a single player.

Of course this doesn't mean that players can't play an MMORPG by themselves. You can definitely solo your way to the higher levels, but that would most likely be a slower and less rewarding road to take. Due to the fact that you would probably have to miss out on a lot of dungeons, as most dungeons require a minimum of 3-5 players. Another problem you would have is that you wouldn't have a guild to help you out, and most importantly if you would avoid contact with other players at all costs then it would mean you wouldn't be able to purchase items from other players.

All of these things would mean your player would struggle to gain higher levels and it would take much longer to get better items. Eventually when you would reach the highest level, you would stop progressing completely because with most MMORPGs, once you reach the highest level you have to participate in dungeon runs in order to get better armor and keep progressing. Unfortunately you wouldn't be able to as a solo player, therefore you would be severely limited in terms of gear and equipment opposed to players who work in groups.

Now this does not apply to all MMORPGs. Runescape for example allows players to solo dungeons for a slightly reduced amount of exp. Meaning solo players are open to just as many features of the game as group players. In fact the whole group concept is rarely needed on Runescape, it is only necessary in some of the events, quests or boss battles. But with most MMORPGs, if players decide to play strictly solo, they will limit themselves severely from the full experience of the MMORPG.

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