Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Florensia - Sealed Items

When players discover equipment, there is a chance that the piece of equipment will have one or more seals. The seals aren't fixed to any item in particular, meaning you can get the exact same item with or without a seal. When players find equipment with seals, they can choose to dissolve those seals in order to unlock the extra stat boosts those items have hidden. There are also various keys available at the cash shop that increase the chance for players to successfully dissolve the seals. It is also important to note that when players dissolve a seal, all the seals on the piece of equipment get dissolved at once, meaning there is no reason to do it more than once on a particular piece of equipment.
Florensia Sealed Items
More Information Available on the official Florensia Website: http://florensia.en.alaplaya.net/pages/guides-gamefeat-sealeditems

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