Monday, 27 October 2014

Florensia 100 floor tower

Florensia 100 floor tower
The 100 floor tower is a tower in the game which can be accessed through tower masters located in the centre of each town. Players need to be at least level 15 to access the tower and can accept quests which can be completed by accessing certain level floors or killing certain monsters in the tower. There can be up to 10 groups of players at each of the towers located in every island and they have a limited amount of time to clear all 100 floors, although each group has to complete the tower on their own.

Players can also purchase special weapons inside the tower using imperial gifts. Players can leave the tower at any point, and if any of the players die they can be rebirthed by the other players before entering the next floor, otherwise they get kicked out. To advance to the next floor, players are required to clear the current floor of all monsters and they will get transferred automatically.

Florensia 100 floor tower feature
The monsters will give exp but no items will be dropped. Of course the higher the floor number the stronger the monsters, and eventually at floor 100 there will be a boss monster that players will have to defeat to complete the tower. If players manage to clear the tower, they will be listed in the rankings which can be accessed from the website and viewed by everyone.

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