Saturday, 11 October 2014

Florensia Item Upgrading system

Florensia Item UpgradingThe item upgrade system allows players to improve their items and their usefulness. Players can purchase quite a few cash shop items that help them to increase the chances of a successful upgrade, as well as prevent the item from breaking if the upgrade fails. Upgrading a weapon also introduces a glow affect after the weapon is upgraded successfully at least 4 times, afterwards the glow will become more visual with the higher upgrade levels.

between upgrade levels 2-4 if the upgrade is unsuccessful the required upgrade materials will be lost. Although at upgrade levels 4+ the item itself can be lost in the process. And as the upgrade level of the item increases, the chances of failure will increase as well. Players can upgrade their items by visiting a smithy in any town.

In order to obtain the required materials for upgrading your items, you need to hunt monsters for upgrade stones as well as break down various pieces of equipment in order to extract crystals from them. there are various grade levels of upgrade stones, all of which are useful for different levels of upgrading. Also the higher upgrade level, the more crystals are required. All other items to help you upgrade can be purchased at the cash shop.

For more information on upgrading items or collecting upgrade materials visit the official Florensia Website:

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