Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Ragnarok Online Guild system

Ragnarok Online Guild system
The Rangnarok Online guild system allows guild masters to set up positions for players within the guild as well as set up exp tax that gives the guild exp from the players. The guild master can also expand the guild as well as use guild skills. If players want to create their own guild they require an 'Emperium' ore which gets consumed when the guild is formed. After obtaining the 'Emperium' ore players need to type /guild "guild name" in the chat box to create their own guild with a guild name of their choosing. Guilds can also participate in guild wars between guilds.

The guild masters can also create their own guild emblems by uploading it from their PC/laptop. The emblem needs to be 25x25 pixels in BMP format with 256 colours. To upload the emblem to the game, players need to create a new folder in the main Ragnarok online folder and call it 'Emblem' and paste the emblem logo inside it.

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