Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Ragnarok Online PVP modes

Ragnarok Online PVP Modes
There are two different types of PVP modes in Ragnarok Online(YoYo or Nightmare) and players need to be level 31+ to take part. The death penalties in the two PVP modes involve either exp loss or item loss depending on which PVP mode players choose. Players can join PVP modes via 'PVP doormen' by paying a fee of 500 Zeny and then choosing the room within their level range. Alternatively there are rooms without level restrictions where players of various levels can battle each other.

A player's PVP rank is determined by their experience gained while in a PVP mode. The experience goes up by +1 for each win and goes down by -5 for every loss. If players fall below 0 exp they will be kicked out of the PVP area. Players who have fainted can also be revived by fellow players and continue fighting.

More Information available on the official Ragnarok Online website:

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