Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Balancing out the difficulty in MMORPGs and other games

MMORPG Difficulty BalanceDifficulty isn't easy to determine since there are many different people with various preferences when it comes to how difficult they want a game to be. This is usually a problem in MMORPGs because there is no difficulty setting in MMORPGs. Because it would be unfair towards other players if there was a setting which made monsters a lot easier to battle. Therefore most MMORPGs are relatively easy and require little to no thinking when it comes to fighting monsters, although usually when players reach higher levels and start doing dungeons/raids there is a lot more tactical thinking involved.

While some MMORPGs start out difficult and present sophisticated monster AI that prove to be really challenging and cannot be beaten just by tapping a button repeatedly. Instead players need to come up with various skill combinations and timing in order to defeat these monsters, otherwise they will need to gain a lot of levels.

Rather than making MMORPGs really difficult or simplistic, MMORPG developers should focus on catering to the different groups of players, by offering extra perks and rewards for those who play the MMO in a more challenging way. Some MMORPGs do allow players to set their difficulty setting in dungeons, such as normal or heroic, where players get much better loot and experience from the more difficult settings. While other MMORPGs only allow the more hardcore players to shine during the end game content, where all the raiding begins.

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