Friday, 14 November 2014

Pangya Mascots and Caddies

Pangya MascotsOn Pangya Mascots and Caddies act sort of like pets, they provide the player with bonus stats as well as all kinds of special effects and bonuses.


The mascots are there to cheer the players on as well as provide them with extra bonus effects. Players can get a mascot bonus for all holes that they complete with under a par, which gives extra pang(in-game currency). There are many mascots to choose from, and each one gives various amounts of bonus pang, each mascot comes with its own different conditions for the mascot bonus


Pangya CaddieCaddies offer players with various bonus stat boosts depending on the caddie, and some even give the player bonus effects. Players can also purchase skins for their caddies in order to alter their appearance, skins can only be purchased from the cash shop and last only a certain amount of days. caddies with skins fill the player's power gauge at the start of a game. Not all caddies are permanent either, some only stay with the player for a fixed amount of time before they need to be purchased again. Caddies can even level up, gaining the exact same amount of exp as the players and gaining levels up to maximum of level 4. As a caddie's level increases, it begins to talk with the player as well as perform other actions.

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