Monday, 24 November 2014

Pangya Treasure Gauge

Pangya Treasure Gauge
The treasure gauge on Pangya determines what kind of rewards players will get at the end of each game. The quality of the items obtained from the Treasure Gauge is determined by how many treasure points players obtain during the game. The points help fill up the Treasure Gauge and are gained based on the player's performance. If the gauge is full, the player is likely to gain a good reward, otherwise if it's empty the player is likely to get a a lower tier reward.

Players can also boost their treasure gauge through the use of cards and items. The rewards range from Coupons, Rings, Cards, Passive and Active items. Treasure points and Treasures are distributed differently on each game mode, while some game modes don't even have a treasure gauge.

More Information on the official Pangya Wiki:

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