Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Ragnarok Online Pet system

Players on Ragnarok can tame 24 different types of wild monsters and have them as their permanent pets. If players take care of their pets properly and have a sufficient status and intimacy level with their pet, the pet will follow the owner around and communicate with them by using emoticons.

How to tame monsters

Ragnarok Online Taming PetsPlayers need to first find the appropriate item needed to obtain a particular monster. Each monster requires different item. Players can visit Rune-Midgarts to find out which pets need which items to be tamed. Once players find the pet they want to tame, they need to double click the item and then click the pet. Then players will need to click on the slot machine which will determine if the player has succeeded in capturing the monster or not.

If successful players will obtain a pet egg, which can be used with an incubator(which can be purchased from the town taming merchant) in order to hatch it. Players can purchase incubators, pet food along with various pet accessories from the taming merchant. While the various items needed to tame monsters can be purchased from the monster tamer.

Raising Pets

Ragnarok Online Pet systemBy right clicking on their pet, players can feed their pet, view its status as well as make it perform certain actions, players can also change their pet's name a single time. If pets aren't fed enough or too much, they will end up leaving their owners. Players can even re-hatch their pets if they wish to do so.

For more information on pets on Ragnarok Online visit the official website's pet guide: http://www.playragnarok.com/gameguide/features_cutepetsystem.aspx

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