Friday, 14 November 2014

Ragnarok Online The War of Emperium

Ragnarok Online War of the EmperiumThe War of Emperium is a guild pvp system on Ragnarok Online which allows players from various guilds to complete for a castle to become their guild's headquarters. This event is only available twice a week at specific times. The guild members that manage to destroy the Emperium inside the castle first will win a big reward for their guild. There are 20 different castles across the world of Ragnarok that guilds can compete for. And each castle will have guardians defending it in order to slow players down. During this event the opposing guilds can participate in PVP in order to prevent other guilds from destroying the Emperium first. Also after a guild manages to destroy the Emperium, their guild's banner will be displayed at the castle.

More Information on The War of Emperium and the event times available on the official Ragnarok Online website:

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