Monday, 22 December 2014

Maplestory Character Cards

Maplestory Character Cards
The character cards on Maplestory is a pretty sophisticated feature which adds minor buffs to characters. There are 9 card slots that players can place cards in, and there are up to 4 levels of character cards available depending on the character's job and their current job advancement. The buffs players get from a card depends on their class.

Players can also get a 'Deck Effect' which happens when a players have filled all of their deck slots. Players can have up to 3 deck effects because the 9 card slots are separated into 3 decks. And depending on the quality and type of cards used, players can gain unique or regular deck effects.

The deck effects include various buffs such as a boost to critical damage, all stats boosts, Hp and Mp boosts and various other boosts.

For information on the various card combinations along with their boosts and other details visit:

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