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Maplestory Pets

Maplestory PetsPlayers on Maplestory have the option to purchase pets from the cash shop using real life cash. These pets have stats as well as levels which are increased through closeness. Closeness can be raised when players talk to their pets and feed them. Each pet has unique abilities. Pets purchased from the cash shop last 90 days, afterwards they will become unusable until a player buys 'Water of Life' from the cash shop and completes a quest which will reset the 90 days.

Players can choose to keep their pet in their inventory or have it out in the field with the player. While the pet is out, its hunger decreases and if it reaches 0 its closeness with the player will start to drop and eventually it will go back to the players inventory on its own. Therefore if players are afk, they should always send their pets back to their inventory.

Level/Closeness Transfer

Players can transfer one pets level to another by purchasing a 'reset scroll' from the pet master Cloy in Henesys park. This allows players to replace a pets level with another pets. It is important to note that the levels of both pets don't add up, instead the pet's level gets replaced by the other pet's level.

Pet Equipment

Just like players, pets can wear equipment. Which can be purchased from the cash shop. There are various types of equipment available on the cash shop that can only be worn by specific types of pets. Players can also place scrolls into pet equipment in order to give the player extra speed and jump. Pets can also be equipped with the 'Mesos Magnet' which makes the pets collect all the Mesos and Items dropped by monsters after a player kills them. Depending on the server, players can set up the pets to auto use mp and hp potions when needed.

Pet Skills

Maplestory Pet SkillsThe pet skill feature varies between the different Maplestory Servers, on some servers the pet skills come built in with the pet, while in others players can purchase pet skills from the cash shop and install them permanently on to pets, as well as remove them with an 'AP reset scroll' also obtained from the cash shop.


Depending on the Maplestory server, players can have up to three pets out with them at once. In order to have access to this feature, players need to purchase a pet treat from the cash shop and then speak to trainer Bartos at the Henesys pet park and complete his quest to gain the skill 'Follow the Leader(s)' which lets you have up to three pets out at once. The benefit of having multiple pets out is the buffs that the pets give. Which can increase the player's stats, speed and jump. Also there are special effects players can gain if they have specific types of pets out at once.

Summoned Pets

After the 2nd job advancement specific classes gain access to many different summons that can be summoned to come to the player's aid. These summoned pets have various elemental attributes along with many other effects. Players continue to get various new summons in further job advancements as well.

For more information on Maplestory pets, and their skills and other pet features visit: http://strategywiki.org/wiki/MapleStory/Pets

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