Friday, 5 December 2014

Pangya Cadie's Cauldron

Pangya Cadie's Couldron FeatureThe Cadie's Cauldron is a feature on Pangya which allows players to combine several items in order to create recipes for new items. These items can include some items that can't be purchased or obtained anywhere else, as well as include altered versions of existing items with modified stats. Players need to be a certain level in order to use some of the recipes they obtain.

Players can then create the items using the recipes by collecting the required ingredients for them. Also some recipes may contain a time limit, in which players need to collect all the items and use the recipe before the time limit, otherwise it will expire and won't be usable.

For the different types of recipes and more information on the Cadie's Couldron visit the official Pangya Wiki:

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