Friday, 5 December 2014

Pangya Card Holic

The Card Holic system allows players to boost their character's stats through the use of many different types of cards. The cards can be obtained from card packs which can be purchased from the Pangya shop for 1.8k Points. Players can equip these cards through the character mastery option. Although once a card is equipped it can only be removed using a card remover which only has one use and has to be purchased from the Pangya shop. There is a total of four different types of cards available:
Pangya Card system
  • Character Cards - Increases the Character's stats.
  • Caddie Cards - Gives the character bonuses during games.
  • NPC Cards - adds specialised effects to the character.
  • Special Cards - provides time limited boosts.
It is also important to note that cards with similar effects will not stack, but instead the effects of the more superior card will be used. Also some cards are more rare and useful than others, this is indicated by their colour: Grey, Blue, Green, Red (Grey being the lowest and Red being the highest rarity) as well as the number of stars the card has which determines whether the card is normal, rare. super rare or secret rare.

For the list of available cards and extra information on Pangya's Card Holic system visit the official wiki:

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