Sunday, 7 December 2014

Pangya Club Workshop

Pangya Club Workshop
Players on Pangya can improve the effectiveness of their clubs via the Club Workshop located in their room while viewing their available clubs. Each club has different stats that can be improved as well as a level. There are different types of clubs available, which allow players to boost a specific stat more than they could normally. For example a Spin type club means that the club will have a higher amount slots available for the spin stat.

Players can even modify their clubs in order to add more slots to their stats. When modifying a club, players aren't guaranteed to get the results they want, therefore there is an option to cancel a modification, but players can only do so a limited amount of times.

Once a club reaches level 5 it can be ranked up in order to gain an extra stat and be reset back to level 1. Although if the club is rank S it cannot be ranked up anymore. Players can even use Soren cards in order to choose which specific stat they want to rank up on their club. Upon ranking up there is a rare chance that the club will become unique, although players can choose to cancel the transformation if they wish.

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