Saturday, 6 December 2014

Pangya Lolo's Card Deck

Lolo's Card DeckThe Lolo's Card Deck is a feature on Pangya that allows players to combine multiple cards in order to create new cards. This feature is identified as Card Synthesis under the Cauldron option in the game. Only Normal, Rare and Super Rare cards can be used to create new cards, Secret Rare cards can't be used for this feature.

To begin, players need to select 3 cards of any rarity which can even be of the same type and pay a certain amount of Pang (The amount of Pang needed to pay depends on the rarity of each card used: Normal = 1000, Rare = 2000 Super Rare = 5000). Once the three cards are selected, players can push the button to begin the process and will obtain a new card, and lose the 3 cards used in the process.

The rarity of the cards used increases the chance of getting a rare new card. The card that players obtain can be any rarity including Secret Rare.

More Information available on the official Wiki:

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