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Pangya Lottery Features

Pangya has a lot of different ways for players to attempt to win prizes by purchasing various tickets/coins/coupons or collecting certain items.


Pangya Gacha systemSome of the rarest items can be obtained from the Gacha lottery system. Players require a Gacha coin in order to participate in this feature. There are a couple of ways to obtain Gacha coins, either by purchasing them for 2k Pangya each or buying them in special packages with points. After paying 1 Gacha coin to participate in the feature, players are presented with 6 comets, and after clicking any one of them they will receive a reward.

The Gacha rewards have been updated each year and offer many different prizes. Which fit into two categories: Regular rewards or Rare rewards. Regular rewards consist of basic items such as animations and buffs. While Rare rewards involve special clothing, costumes and mascots.

More Information on Gacha and the rewards here:

Spinning Cubes

Pangya Spinning CubesThe spinning cubes system involves players having to discover spinning cubes during their regular games on certain courses, and have their comets come directly in contact with them in order to obtain them. After players obtain the spinning cubes they need to open them using a Key of Fortune which will grant them a reward. Note that only 100 spinning cubes can be in the player's possession at a time.

The rewards inside the spinning cubes vary from exp and pang pouches to rare items and costumes. On top of that, players get to keep the opened spinning cubes and have as many in their possession as they like and exchange them for rare rewards.

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Memorial Shop

This lottery system lets players win prizes that were included in the Gacha lottery system in the past. Players need one of three different types of coins to participate in this feature:
Pangya Memorial Shop Feature
  • Normal Memorial Coin - The most common coin used in this feature which can be obtained from certain achievements and the Grand Prix games.
  • Premium Memorial Coin - This coin can either be obtained from Scratchy cards, from the shop for 3k Pang or from some achievements. It also yields the highest chance for rare rewards from the Memorial Shop.
  • Special Memorial Coin - This coin can only be obtained from Grand Prix games and is used to win specific rare items from the Memorial Shop.
Each time players use normal or special memorial coins, the type of rewards they can win change. Also there is a memorial level which is determined by the player's achievement points. The memorial level starts at 0 and goes up with every 300 achievement points, up to a maximum of level 24. With each memorial level the player's chances of obtaining a rare item increases. There are many prizes available in this feature, some are common while others are rare.

More Information on the feature and it's prizes here:

Pangya Scratchy Card Scratchy Card

Scratchy Cards can be obtained through spending 1000 points in the Pangya shop or in Gacha. There are also other means to obtain a Scratchy Card such as Treasure boxes, from Spinning Cubes leveling up, achievements, the Papel shop and many other ways. After using a Scratchy Card, players can win either regular prizes, or rare prizes.

More Info here:

Papel Shop

Pangya Papel ShopTo participate in this feature players either need to spend 900 pang or use 1 Papel Shop Coupon. The coupons can be obtained from treasure boxes and other means. Players can access this feature by clicking on the black papel on their screen, which will reveal anywhere between 1-5 Dolfini Balls, and by clicking each one of them players will receive their reward for every Dolfini Ball. The rewards included can be Common, Uncommon or Rare.

Information on the Papel Shop and it's rewards can be found here:

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