Saturday, 6 December 2014

Pangya Tiki's Magic Ball

Pangya Tikki PointsTiki's Magic Ball allows players to recycle any unwanted items in order to obtain Tiki points. Tiki points can be used to create items in Cadies Cauldron or be used in Character Mastery. Players need to pay 200 Pang in order to recycle an item, each item has a certain amount of Mileage points displayed before recycling it. Mileage points are then converted into Tiki points once the item is recycled (1000 Mileage points = 1 Tiki point).

Players can sometimes get lucky and obtain bonus Mileage points when recycling, which in turn gives more Tiki points. This occurs randomly when recycling items, and players will be notified with a message, letting them know that they received bonus Mileage.

More Information about Tiki's Magic Ball and Tikki Points here:

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