Monday, 22 December 2014

PVP on Maplestory

Maplestory PVP Modes
Players on Maplestory can participate in the Battle Arena and obtain Battle Points which can be exchanged for Gallant Emblems at the BP Exchanger. The Gallant Emblems can then be traded for equipment by speaking to Larson. 

The PVP on Maplestory is divided into four different PVP modes:
  • Free for all - Where players battle anyone freely within a 10 minute time limit.
  • Team Match - Players are placed in teams to fight against the enemy team with a 10 minute limit.
  • Ice King - Out of ten players, one player is transformed into the Ice Knight and has to fend off the other 9 players and survive. Time limit is 7 minutes
  • Capture the Flag  - Time limit for this mode is 10 minutes where players have to capture the opposing team's flag, the first team to obtain the enemy flag 3 times wins. 
The Ice King in the Ice King mode gains a variety of new skills along with a stat boost and new mechanics such as the double jump.

More Information on the PVP modes available on the Maplestory Wiki:

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