Monday, 22 December 2014

PVP/Colosseum on Ragnarok Online 2

Ragnarok Online 2 PVPPlayers can choose to fight others players by challenging them to a 1v1 duel anywhere in the game world. Once the duel begins players can begin fighting each other until one of them reaches 0 hp, at which point the duel will end and the winner will be declared. Players cannot die during a duel and there is no reward for winning a duel, its purely for practise and fun.

Alternatively players can go to the PVP Colosseum. Where a limited number of players can proceed to further rounds depending on how well they do each round. Players need to obtain points by defeating other players or monsters and will lose points when defeated by other players. Players can obtain more points by killing other players with a higher ranking in the Colosseum. Also killing certain monsters will give players various buffs and other effects.

By proceeding to the next round players gain PVP points and a 'Victory Random Box' which contains all kinds of consumables after every round. The PVP points can be spent on PVP mounts, consumables PVP equipment and more by visiting the reward NPC in Prontera city.

More Information on the PVP on Ragnarok Online 2 here:

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