Monday, 22 December 2014

Ragnarok Online 2 Guardians

Ragnarok Online 2 Guardian Feature
Guardians are a feature on Ragnarok Online 2 that allows players to borrow their guardian's powers or even summon them to assist the player. Players can obtain guardians when their profession level reaches 10 and by completing a special quest.

Activating Guardian Mode

When players have access to the guardian feature, they will have a Guardian Gauge. And when it is full, players will be able to summon their guardian for a certain amount of time.

Guardian Powers

There are up to four different types of guardians, each one offers different skills and the type of guardian the player obtains depends on the player's profession. The guardians offer the player unique skills that deplete the player's guardian gauge when used. The higher the player's profession skill, the more guardian skills become available.

For more info om RO2 Guardians visit the official Wiki:

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