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Ragnarok Online 2 Guild system

Ragnarok Online 2 Guild systemRagnarok Online 2 has a pretty detailed guild system which allows guild leaders and certain guild members to send out notices to other guild members, change guild leaders, donate exp along with all the typical features you would expect in any guild system.

Creating and Disbanding a Guild

In order to create a guild, players need to be at least level 10, pay 10 Zeny and must not be part of an existing guild. There is a 10 character limit for the desired guild name

Players can also choose to disband their guild if they wish. In order to do so, the guild has to have no other members besides you, and you must be the guild master. And the guild warehouse needs to be completely cleared of all items and money.

Guild Notice

The Guild master and certain guild members with set guild privileges can modify the guild notice. The Guild Notice has a 50 Character Limit.

Guild Emblem

Players can upload guild emblems, which can be uploaded straight from their computers and can be a picture of almost anything they choose.

Guild Storage

The guild storage can be used by the guild leader, along with guild members that have been given the privilege by the guild leader to use the guild storage. Guilds need to learn the Prosperity skill in order to gain a guild storage with 20 item slots. Afterwards they can increase the guild storage up to 100 item slots.

Guild Position

The player position can only be set by the guild master, and each position can have custom titles that can only be up to 10 characters long. These positions can have various privileges which are decided by the guild master.

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