Monday, 22 December 2014

Ragnarok Online 2 Monster Summon Collection(Pet system)

Ragnarok Online 2 Pet systemThe Monster Summon Collection system is the pet system on Ragnarok Online 2 which allows players to summon pets for a certain amount of time in order to help them fight monsters or to buff the player or even debuff the monsters they fight.

In order to summon pets, players need to collect DNA fragments from random monsters that they fight and obtain that monsters DNA fragments which in turn allows the player to summon a pet version of that monster. There are four different types of fragments that can be obtained from each monster, and players need all four of them in order to summon a pet. Each of the four different DNA fragments has a letter.

Players then need to obtain a binding protein and combine it with the four DNA fragments. Afterwards the pet DNA will appear in your inventory and you can use it to summon the pet via right click. The pet can then be levelled up to level 4, and with each level it's attributes increase. The pet's level can be increased by obtaining pet fragments.

A more detailed overview of this feature can be found on the wiki:

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