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Ragnarok Online 2 War of Emperium

Ragnarok Online 2 War of EmperiumWar of Emperium is a feature that was originally in Ragnarok Online, and got reintroduced in Ragnarok Online 2. This feature includes catapults and castle guardians. Players need to be part of a guild in order to participate in this feature and guilds that hold castles can warp to the event before any other guilds without castles.

How to Gain a Castle

The guild which gains the Castle depends on the guilds Occupational Score. The score increases throughout the game, depending on how well the guild does. And the guild with the highest occupational score can gain the castle. At the end of the event one guild will gain control of the castle, while 3 other guilds will gain ownership of three fortresses and their benefits.
The guild that gains the ownership obtains various benefits including: Guardians, Kafra services(Transportation), Special Warp Points, Siege Catapults and Weapon Repair Machines.

Guild Robes

The guild robes represent the guild during the War of Emperium event. They can be designed by the guild masters, although if the guildmaster doesn't design the guild robe then a random robe design will be assigned to the guild. There is actually a large benefit to this feature, because it reduces the lag due to the fact that all of the armor players have equipped doesn't need to be rendered. Especially because there's hundreds of players in a single area, and the robes require a lot less time to load.

Guild Vault

The owners of the Castle and Fortresses will gain exclusive access to a guild vault where players can enter it and fight the Mimic for rewards along with other bosses that drop valuable rewards, that respawn at certain times of the day. Players can enter the Guild Vault via Guild Vault Manager NPCs. And if the guild loses the castle while some of the members are inside the guild vault, those guild members will be teleported out.

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