Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dragon Nest Guild system

Dragon Nest Guild featureIn order to create a guild, the guild master needs to pay a fee of 1 gold to the guild master in Calderock village. Once the guild is created, the guild is limited to up to 20 players, although as the guild's level increases, more players will be able to join it. The guild leader can give players ranks and permissions such as the ability to invite other players or to have access to the guild storage within the guild, while the guild members have the ability to customise their own guild profile information.

There are various options available to the guild leader, such as giving guild memebrs buffs in exchange for gold. The guild leader can also visit Guild master NPCs in order to expand the guild, create the guild emblem, Check current guild points or to disband the guild. Players can leave the guild if they wish to do so, although if the leader wants to leave, then a new guild leader needs to be selected before doing so.

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