Friday, 23 January 2015

Dragon Nest Mentor and pupil system

Dragon Nest Mentor system
Players on Dragon Nest who reach level 40 or above are eligible to become mentors. There are two ways for mentors to gain pupils, either through the advertising option, or by left clicking on a random player and selecting the 'request' option. There are various benefits that mentors gain from having pupils, such as having unlimited durability and power points when inside a dungeon with their pupil. Also whenever the pupil reaches certain levels and gains various achievements, the mentor will gain titles and gifts.

As for pupils, players can only be pupils between levels 10-30. To become a pupil is pretty much the same process as it is for mentors to gain a pupil. Either by accepting advertisements from mentors on the social window, or by left clicking a mentor and choosing the 'request' option. The pupil will gain a 10% exp boost whenever participating in a dungeon with their mentor. Along with various gifts, titles and other benefits from having a mentor.

The mentors also gain Respect and Friendship points whenever they train pupils. Which determines the chance of gaining more pupils and the amount of rewards gained when training pupils. A mentor can only have 3 pupils at a time, and at the same time a single pupil can have up to 3 mentors at a time. The mentor rewards include a range of valuable high quality gems and jewellery.

More Information on the mentor feature available on the official website:

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