Sunday, 11 January 2015

Dragon Nest Zombie Mode PVP

Dragon Nest Zombie Mode PVPThis is a special pvp feature on Dragon Nest that allows players to compete between each other as zombies vs humans. In this pvp mode, levels, skills, items and gear are meaningless and players have to solely rely on their wit and experience. In this mode humans have to fend off the zombies and survive the time limit or kill all the zombies, while the zombies need to infect the humans and turn them into zombies within a certain period of time.

Players can choose between different types of special weapons in this mode, while the zombies get a variety of special skills to use. At the start of each round the zombies are chosen at random. There are no level or item requirements for this pvp mode, players can participate in this mode at any point of the game by going to the pvp channel, entering a pvp room and selecting the zombie ghoul mode.

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