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Maplestory Mini Games

Maplestory contains a lot of mini games, some of which need to be purchased from the cash shop, while others require specific in-game items. These mini games can either be single player, or between multiple players, although usually they don't have any rewards and are intended to be just for fun and as an alternative to the rest of the main content.


Maplestory Omok Mini GameThis mini game is between two players, and the objective is to collect 5 pieces of the same monster. To participate in this mini game, one player needs to create it using various gathered items, while the other needs to simply join.

Match Cards

To participate in this mini game, two players are needed, one of which needs to make a deck out of 100 monster cards in order to start this feature. After collecting the cards, the game begins. Players get to take a look at the cards and memorise them before they are placed facedown and players have to guess which cards are where, until they fail, which is then up to the next player to guess which card is which.

Gachapon & Pigmy

Maplestory Gachapon Mini Game
This feature is considered a lottery feature but still falls into the mini game category. Players can participate by purchasing a Gachapon ticket from the cash shop and using it at one of the Gachapons available in numerous towns. Which will give a player a random item. In exchange for the ticket, players have a chance of obtaining some of the rarest items in the game. And the items vary depending on which town you exchange the ticket in. This feature varies between different versions of Maplestory, for example in Global Maplestory, all the rewards are the same regardless of the town players use the Gachapon ticket in.

Fishing King

Currently this feature can only be accessed in the TaiwanMS version of Maplestory. Players need to attack the correct monsters to gain points, while avoiding the incorrect ones which reduce points. Eventually players will get a reward, and the quality of the reward depends on how high their points are. Although this is a single player mini game, there is still a leaderboard of all the high scores.

Fishing system

Maplestory Fishing Mini GameThis feature varies slightly depending on the Maplestory version, usually players need bait, a fishing
rod(from cash shop) and a fishing chair(NPC Kedrick) to gain access to it. Players are guaranteed to catch something every minute, or even every 30 seconds if they have the VIP fishing rod purchased from the cash shop. This feature also awards players with exp.

Rock Paper Scissors

Players can access this feature by speaking to the Rock Paper Scissors Admin in each town, and if they win enough games in a row they will receive various rewards.

PVP Mini Game

Maplestory PVP Mini GameThis mini game is divided into various mini games where players have to defeat an NPC version of another player before the other player does so first, as well as racing between players to reach the finish line first, or players compete between each other in an attempt to deal the most damage to a single monster. Theres also a game where players who kill the most monsters win. These Mini Games can be accessed in every town and require a PVP ticket from the cash shop in order to participate. Players can challenge other players to these mini games, so long as they are within 10 levels of each other, and after the mini games, a record is kept of the player's wins and loses.

Monster Game Arcade

This feature is also a lottery type of mini game, where players need to locate a Monster Game Arcade in any town and then purchase a monster game ball from the cash shop, in order to start. Afterwards the ball is launched inside the machine and bounces around until it lands in a hole that determines the prize. Some of the rewards are exclusive to this mini game and are highly sought after. This mini game is influenced by the real life 'Pachinko' machines which are popular in Japan.

More Information on Maplestory Mini Games available here: http://strategywiki.org/wiki/MapleStory/Quests/Mini-Games

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