Thursday, 22 January 2015

Resident Evil and the manga/anime: Parasyte

So recently madhouse studios has began releasing episodes for an anime adaptation of the manga 'Parasyte'. I wasn't very familiar with the manga but I love the anime and eventually read the entire manga which is only 10 volumes long. Now what I noticed was that these parasites in the manga/anime are very familiar to me, in fact they are almost identical to the ones that I've seen in Resident Evil games 4 and 5.

In fact after reading the manga I noticed there may actually be too many similarities for it to just be a coincidence. For example in Resident Evil 4, late in the game there are some parasite hosts that contain parasites in specific parts of their body, which means the player needs to shoot at those parts of the parasite's body in order to kill them along with the host. Which is exactly the same in Parasyte, where some parasites can only be killed by killing the parasite itself, which hides itself within the host.

Overall the morphing of the heads of parasites in both Resident Evil and Parasyte are incredibly similar. Where the head morphs into separate tentacles with blades which are used to attack the opponent. I love both the Parasyte manga/anime and the Resident Evil games, and I really like to think that the manga has influenced the game at least in some way. And what I really hope is that people don't assume that the anime of Parasyte copied Resident Evil, because it is based on the manga, which started in 1988 and ended in 1995, while the Resident Evil franchise only began in 1996.
Resident evil 4 parasites

Parasyte Manga on the left, Resident Evil 4 Parasites on the right

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