Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cloud Nine Couple system

Cloud Nine Couple systemPlayers on Cloud Nine can choose to become a couple in order to gain access to new features and rewards. Players first need to purchase a Couple Ring blueprint from the Stella or Amitaba crafting NPC. Players need to purchase the ring blueprint that is for their crafting skill. Afterwards players will need to obtain the right materials in order to craft the Couple Ring.

There are 3 different types of possible decorative rings the player can obtain when crafting it. The ring that the player gets is at random. It is only now that players can ask another player to become their couple. If the other player rejects the invitation, the player who sent the invitation will lose their Couple Ring. Otherwise if the invitation to become a couple is accepted, then both players will lose their Couple Rings and will become a couple. Players can choose to couple with any race/gender, and players can only be coupled with 1 player at a time.

When in a couple, players will be given access to the Couple window, which shows their love rank, lets the players exchange messages, records their Anniversary date etc. In order to increase their love rank, players need to collect hearts. Also players can end the relationship at any point from the Couple window.

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