Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cloud Nine Crafting

Cloud Nine CraftingThere are three different forms of crafting on Cloud Nine which include: Alchemy, Metalworking and Jewelcrafting. Jewelcrafting allows players to create Earrings, Necklaces and various jewels that apply attributes, also if players create jewels that are of the same level as the player, the jewels will have additional bonuses.

Metalworking lets players create Armour, Weapons and Keys. Weapons and Armour need to be of the same level as the character in order to be made. While keys open weapon and armour boxes. The boxes can be obtained by extracting Armour/Weapons. Alchemist specialise in creating potions that heal players as well as give them various temporary buffs that can even affect pets and mounts. Also alchemists can create upgrade scrolls that can permanently increase the stats of their weapons.

Of course all these Crafting classes need ingredients which can be obtained via gathering. Gathering includes: mining, fishing and Extraction. These gathering methods require tools, and resources can only be gathered in certain locations.

More Information on Crafting on Cloud Nine here:

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