Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cloud Nine Guild system

The Guild system is a community of players that can participate in a variety of events and gain access to more features.

Creating a guild

In order to create a guild, players need to visit the Guild administrator after reaching level 20+ and paying a fee of 1 million in-game money. Afterwards players will get to name their guild, which will be the permanent name of their guild

Registering a guild emblem

Each guild leader has the ability to add a unique guild emblem in order to represent their guild. The guild leaders can add any image as the guild emblem, so long as it meets the requirements. The requirements include: The image has to be in JPEG or BMP and the image needs to be inside the correct Cloud Nine Folder as well as be a specific size.

Guild Promotion Test

This is a very unique guild feature which requires players to pass a guild promotion test in order to for the guild to rank higher among other guilds. The test requires guild members to defeat a group of monsters within a 30 minute time limit.  Players need to purchase the rank promotion Exam Document and then talk to the Guild Proctor in order to initiate the test. Players also need to be in a group of 7(including the guild master) in order to enter the guild promotion test.

More Information about the Guild system on Cloud Nine is available here:

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