Thursday, 19 March 2015

Cloud Nine Marriage System

Cloud Nine MarriageOnce players receive enough hearts they will reach a higher love rank, and after getting to level 5 they will have the option to get married. Afterwards one of the players will have to purchase the wedding set from the Square Mall. Players will also have to provide appropriate wedding vows. Afterwards the player can propose to their couple (if they get rejected nothing will be lost).

Players need to be in Stella or Amitaba to propose. When proposing the player will perform a proposal animation, while the other player will receive a message notifying them of the proposal. After the proposal is accepted, the couple will be engaged and will have a reservation in the wedding hall.

Weddings can be performed every hour between 02:00 - 23:00 server time. Players also have the option to make the wedding public or private. Soon as the couple has reserved their wedding time, their names will be shown in the wedding appointment list. If the wedding is public, then 30 minutes before the wedding all online players within non-PVP areas will be notified of who are getting married and will be asked if they want to attend. If its private then no one will be notified.

When the procedure starts, the bride and groom will not be able to move until the ceremony is finished. The guests will be divided into the bride's and groom's guests. The guests will be able to send gifts to the bride and groom via the Gift Collecting NPC. There is also a limit of 300 guests that can attend a wedding.

After the ceremony for 10 minutes the Bride and Groom will be able to take photos and fight monsters alongside the guests. The monsters can only be attacked via regular attacks and require 30 hits to die. These monsters drop bags that contain 1m items. After the 10 minutes is up, everyone will be teleported out. The guests will also receive a  +10% exp item.

The wedding Schedule is separated into different parts, several minutes are given to allow the guests to arrive. Then after the minister ends his dialogue, the wedding will be finished. after the marriage is finished, the couple window will turn into the marriage window. Also the married couple will gain two buff skills exclusive to them. If players wish to divorce then they will lose their marriage and couple status altogether.

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