Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cloud Nine Master and Apprentice

Cloud Nine Master and Apprentice system
Players on Cloud Nine can choose to become Masters at levels 40+ and help players who are below level 30. This level requirement is determined by the highest class you have whether it's your main class or your sub class. Players can become Masters or Apprentices by clicking on a player and selecting the 'Master & Apprentice' Option.

Which will give the Apprentice 2 items; a whistle which will summon the Master to them, as well as an experience charm. While the Master will obtain fame whenever their Apprentice levels up. Either of the players can Renounce the Master & Apprentice relationship at any point from the 'Master & Apprentice' window.

Apprentices will be able to graduate after reaching level 40. When reaching level 40, the Renounce button in the Master & Apprentice window will change to 'Graduate'. Clicking it will end the relationship and both players will get an item in their mail which is a 30 minute buff upon use. Also Masters gain vouchers each time their Apprentice graduates. They can combine multiple vouchers in order to obtain a higher level voucher. They can do so by visiting a production NPC.

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