Sunday, 15 March 2015

Cloud Nine Pet system

Cloud Nine Pets
Players on Cloud Nine can obtain pets in various ways. Such as quests, taming monsters, gathering, fishing, mining etc. Monsters can be tamed via the Monster Collection Book. Players also need to ensure to feed their pet in order to be able to keep them summoned. Pets consume pet food called 'Dream'. Pets also come with a variety of skills and buffs in order to aid the player in combat, which will vary depending on the type of equipment the pet has equipped.

Just like players the pets can gain experience and eventually level up when they're fighting with the player. Pets can even evolve using a Pet Seal Orb. Evolving a pet will change its stats and appearance. In order to keep evolving their pets, players need other pets of the same level in order to use them as catalysts for the pet they're trying to evolve. Pets can be evolved up to 8 times and will change their appearance every 3 evolutions.

More Information on pets can be found at the official Cloud Nine site:

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