Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Elsword Elements and Enchanting

Elsword Enchanting and ElementsThe elements on Elsword consist of Fire, Water, Nature, Wind, Light, Dark, and Mystery. These can be found in the form of El Shards which can be obtained through rare drops. The shards can be used to gain a random element or be refined by right clicking on them while you have an El Shard Mystery Solver. Players can enchant their equipment by visiting an alchemist.

Both weapons and armour can be enchanted. Armour gives extra resistance from monsters who have attacks of the same element. Weapons inflict extra damage to monsters who are weak to the weapon's element. The higher the item's level, the more enchants can be added to it, until the player can become completely immune to certain elements.

The more enchantments an item has, the more El shards it costs in order to keep enchanting it. Player's can also remove elements from an item by visiting an alchemist. Different Elements that are compatible can also be stacked together, and each elements has its own unique abilities and bonuses.

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