Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Elsword Elesis Chivalry(Character Feature)

Elesis Chivalry GaugeElesis has an extra gauge called the Chivalry Gauge just below her MP which enables her to activate 'Knight of Gale' and 'Knight of Annihilation' for a limited duration. Depending on which types of skills or X and Z attack moves you do more, you will lean towards either Knight of Gale or Annihilation, both of which give special benefits.

Performing Gale-type attacks takes away the Gale from the gauge, while Annihilation attacks take away Annihilation from the gauge. Meaning player's have to use opposite types of attacks in order to trigger the opposite types of benefits.

More Information on Character System here: http://elwiki.net/w/Character_Systems

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