Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Elsword Field Boss Raid

Elsword Boss Fields
After a certain amount of monsters in the Hamel and Sander's fields have been killed, a Gate of Time will appear to all those who are in those two locations and towns. The Gate stays open for 15 minutes and there is a limit of 12 players per boss field. When the maximum number of players is reached, a new boss field is created for the other players. Players should make sure they enter the Gate of Time with at least 0.01 stamina or they won't obtain an item after defeating the boss. 

The first player to enter the boss field will see the boss entrance animation, and if the boss isn't defeated by the players within 12 minutes, the battle will be concluded as a defeat for the players. Player's have to wait 20 minutes to re-enter the Gate of Time. The rewards consist of Crafting materials such as Raid Boss Cubes, Ancient Iron Stones and Ancient Guardian Stones.

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