Thursday, 12 March 2015

Elsword Magical Card System

Elsword Monster Cards
Monster Cards are consumable items that can only be used inside dungeons. After consuming a Monster Card, players can summon the monster of that card in order to help fight alongside the player. The monster will stay on the battlefield for 180 seconds and there is a 250 second cooldown before another card can be used. The summoned monster's stats are based on the level of the user's stats.

There are various ways in which Monster Cards can be obtained. Such as monster and miniboss drops in dungeons, rewards from events, field boss cubes, exchanging 12 competitor's coins to Camilla, craft them with alchemy and buying them from other players. There's also Unique Monster Cards that can only be obtained through alchemy, these cards last 240 seconds instead of 180 seconds.

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