Thursday, 12 March 2015

Elsword Mounts

Elsword Mounts
In order to obtain a mount on Elsword, players need to purchase an Ancient Fossil Discriminator. After purchasing it, players need to make an Unidentified Fossil Discriminator by visiting an alchemist in any town and combining 5 Magical Ice Powders and 1 Elixir of Alchemy. By opening one of these, players have a chance of obtaining various rewards such as Pets, upgrade scrolls, Elstones, Pet Food and Mounts. Alternatively players can purchase a mount from other players at the market.

When players use their mounts, the mount's stamina will slowly decrease. If its stamina completely drains, players will get dismounted. When the mount isn't in use its stamina will gradually recover. While riding a mount inside a dungeon, the player gains mount attack skills that can be used using the Z, X and C keys. Mounts will also gain other abilities inside dungeons such as double jump or air run. Mounts also provide players with buffs such as damage reduction, walk speed increase hp recovery and more.

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