Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Elsword PVP Sparring and Arena

Elsword Sparring Sparring

To begin sparring players need to speak to the NPC Camilla who can be found in every town and select the sparring option. Players can spar in teams of up to 4vs4. Sparring has absolutely no affect on the player's PVP rank.

There are three different types of channels available:
  • The Practise Channel - which provides players with fast MP regeneration and has infinite kills and match time.
  • Free Channel - Offers player's to customise it by adjusting the max number of kills and playtime, as well as choose team match mode. 
  • Competition Channel - Is normally closed and is only available for special events and tournaments.

Match Types
  • Team Match - Offers all players a single life and isn't available in the Free Channel.
  • Team Death Match - Players gain points based on the amount of kills, and if the team numbers are uneven, the team with the lower number of players gets various buffs and benefits.
  • Survival - A free for all mode, where players fights for themselves, and the player with the most kills wins.


Elsword ArenaPlayers can choose to enter the Arena by speaking to Camilla or by selecting the Arena tab whenever inside a town. Players who participate in the Arena gain AP as currency to purchase various PVP items. In addition, if players win they will obtain RP, otherwise if they lose RP will be subtracted. Players can fight either 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3.

Players start off without a rank, but after completing 10 qualifier matches they will gain a rank determined by how well they did. The player's rank determines how strong their opponents will be, the number of AP they can gain, what items they can purchase from Camilla and which Epic NPCs they can encounter. 

For more information and various PVP rewards visit the Elsword Wiki:

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