Friday, 13 March 2015

Elsword Upgrading System

Elsword Item upgradingAs with most MMORPGs, players on Elsword can upgrade their equipment. Players can Upgrade their weapons as well as armour(Top, Bottom, Shoes and Gloves). Generally equipment starts without  any any upgrades but players can find some equipment that have been upgraded already. Players can upgrade equipment by visiting a blacksmith. Equipment can be upgraded the first few times safely, although after that there are chances of failing with risks. The maximum upgrade level is +10.

when upgrading +2 and +3 onwards there is a chance that the upgrade is unsuccessful, which results in only losing the upgrade materials. +3 and +4 onwards unsuccessful upgrades can cause items to downgrade. +6 and +7 onwards items can break or reset. If the item breaks, players need to purchase a repair scroll to fix it and if it resets the upgrade level goes back to +0.

Upgrading items increases their base stats by a percentage. As players upgrade their weapons there will a visible glow around them at higher upgrade levels. Players can purchase upgrade stones in order to upgrade an item with 100% success or Fluorite stones which protect the item when upgrading.

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