Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Elsword Wedding system

Before getting married on Elsword, players first need to become a couple. There are various advantages to being a couple on Elsword such as gaining access to exclusive couple-only skills, a random cube each week, a heart effect above the character's heads whenever they are within a close proximity of each other and players gain access to their own couple chat room.

Elsword MarriageThere are certain restrictions on Elsword when it comes to this feature. Elesis and Elsword cannot get married, Same gender marriage is not available, when it comes to duo characters such as Lu and Ciel only one of them can get married amongst other restrictions.

When couples decide to get married they gain a unique married title, married couple clothing, ability to summon their partner, as well as the existing couple benefits and more. If players wish to break up from a couple or marriage, they will have to pay a certain amount of ED based on how long they have been together.

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