Thursday, 26 March 2015

Fiesta Guild system and Guild Academy

Fiesta Guild system and Guild academy
The guild system on Fiesta offers some unique aspects. Such as giving the guild leader the ability to teleport to any of the guild members, as well as guild academy members can receive special rewards when leveling up. Only the guild leader and guild administrators can invite other members to the guild. To create a guild, players require a level 20 character + 1 gold. Every guild has a shared guild storage in which players can deposit money and items , and the guild leader is the only one that has access to the guild storage.

The most unique part of the guild system on Fiesta is the Guild Academy. This feature allows the guild leaders to set the items from the guild storage as rewards for the Guild Academy. The Guild academy is designed for lower level players, which they can enrol in. Upon joining a guild academy within a guild, the players at levels 59 or lower will receive rewards each time they level up, depending on what type of rewards the guild leader has chosen.

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