Saturday, 11 April 2015

Fiesta Enhancements

Fiesta Enhancements Enhancements are another way to improve weapons on Fiesta. But unlike Enchanting, Enhancing allows players to improve both weapons and armour, as well as add cool glow affects to weapons. Players need enhancement stones to enhance equipment along with various cash shop items that can aid in enhancing equipment. When equipment is enhanced, it gains a + 1 and all the way up to +11 for weapons, +9 for accessories and +10 for armour and shields.

Depending on the upgrade level of an item, a different type of enhancement stone is needed. The stones used for enhancing can be obtained from production skills as well as quests and monster drops. Equipment can be enhanced by speaking to a smith. When Enhancing equipment there is a chance the item will either be successful, downgrade, break or nothing will happen. The types of stones and cash shop items used help determine the outcome of the enhancement.

The cash shop items can prevent items from downgrading or breaking, as well as increase the chances of successful enhancements.

More information on enhancements here:


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