Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fiesta The Lucky House

Fiesta Lucky House
The Lucky House is a gambling feature on Fiesta where players have a chance to win in-game money by rolling dice and betting on what the dice will land on. Players can also earn various titles from this feature. Players can enter the Lucky House via the Lucky House NPC located in Elderine, Uruga, Alberstol Ruins, and Adelia. Once the players are at the place, they need to exchange their in-game currency into coins (10 copper = 1 coin) in order to gamble. Afterwards the coins can be exchanged back into in-game currency.

There are slot machines available in the Lucky House, which let players bet on icons and win prizes if they are correct. There's even a jackpot prize. Another feature is the Capsule system, that lets players use their coins to purchase blue or red capsules which can be opened in order to obtain a reward. The rewards vary between basic rewards and rare items, such as weapons or mounts. Players can only exchange a certain amount of in-game currency into coins per day depending on their level.

More Information on Gambling via the Lucky House on Fiesta visit: http://fiesta.gamigo.com/guide/game-basics/the-lucky-house/

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