Monday, 20 April 2015

Fiesta Production Skills

Fiesta Production SkillsThere are 5 different production skills available on Fiesta, of which players can choose up to 2 production skills. Players can only switch their production skills by purchasing a Production Skill Clear item and choosing a new production skill. Whenever players use the production skills they gain points in that skill. After reaching a certain amount of points in production skills, players can begin producing items of a higher level.

The production skills include:
  • Stone Production to create stones for enhancements. 
  • Potion Production involve creating various potions that restore HP and SP as well as potions that boost various stats. 
  • Scroll Production creates scrolls that temporarily increase a player's stats. 
  • Material Composition Allows players to convert materials from lower quality to a higher quality via the use of alchemy stones. 
  • Whereas Material Decomposition involves changing higher quality materials into lower quality ones via alchemy stones.

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