Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fiesta Wedding system

Fiesta Marriage Wedding system
If players wish to get married on Fiesta, one of the players needs to purchase a ring from the NPC Dreian Uriel in Elderine. Then target the player you wish to propose to, afterwards open up the inventory and right click the ring. If the player accepts then both players need to go to the Fiesta Store and obtain a wedding application. Then head back to Dreian and 'apply for wedding; and the couple will be put on the registry of weddings.

Afterwards both of the players can invite up to 15 guests to attend their wedding(total of 30), and they will be given 20 minutes to send out their invitations. The invited guests will be warped to the Blessed Garden, which is where the wedding will take place. The guests will have to check in with Dreian and select 'join wedding' and after 5 minutes they will be warped to the wedding.

During the wedding Dreian will read both the players their vows and at the end of the wedding players can click on the Pledge book to finalise the wedding and after 5 minutes everyone will get teleported out and the married couple will each gain a power of love buff which lets them summon their partner at any time as well as a permanent pet. Also each time the couple are in a party they will both gain a 5% extra stat increase.(players need to make sure they have at least 1 free inventory slot during the wedding in order to receive their pet, otherwise they will lose it permanently).

More Information Available on the official website: http://fiesta.gamigo.com/guide/game-basics/wedding-guide/

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