Thursday, 30 April 2015

Rose Online Game Arena

Rose Online Game ArenaThe Game Arena on Rose Online introduces PVP and PVE instances. Players first need to queue up in order to participate in this feature. When enough players queue up for a particular PVP mode or PVE dungeon they will be teamed up with other players and teleported to the place they queued for. This feature rewards players with honor and valour points along with other rewards from dungeons in the PVE mode.

The group leaders will have various ways to manage their group, such as inviting new members, kicking existing ones or disbanding the group. Players can choose to join a new group for the Game Arena, or be teleported there with their existing group if they already have one. After all the players are matched for the Game Arena, they will be sent a confirmation which asks them if they still want to be teleported there.

More Information on the various modes, dungeons and other details here:

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